• One of the essentials of our Company Products. Dry onions are a vital crop not only for its global demand but also for its uses for the land.
    We integrate quality management systems, full product development. Excellent to ensure a careful planning and adequate preparation to deliver high quality product to our customer.
  1. White yellow Onion – Red Onion – Golden Onion

  • White yellow Onion: Jan-Feb-March
  • Red Onion: May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sept
  • Golden Onion: May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sept-Oct
  • 40 mm to 60 mm – 60 mm to 80 mm – 80 mm to 100 mm

Container capacity
  • Container capacity 40 HC reefer: 27 ton

    Number of pallet: 20 pallet

  • Mesh Bags: 10-20-25 Kg

    Jumbo Bags: 1200 Kg